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With Steve McKnight


Would you be interested in investing alongside Steve McKnight, while also having Steve and his team manage a new retail managed fund opportunity?

Steve last did something similar in 2012 which give rise to the Passive Income (USA Commercial Property) Fund – a venture that has provided handsome returns, particularly for those who got in at the start.

The next opportunity, which will be launching soon, will be a little different. Called the ‘Strategic Opportunities (Growth & Income) Fund’, the goal will be to generate income and growth returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of cash and money market instruments, bonds, strategic efficient assets and entrepreneurial inefficient investment opportunities.


Want to know more? Then fill in the form to register your interest to join an upcoming live webinar to find out more information. Instructions about how to join in will be emailed to you after registering. 

General Advice Warning
This is not an offer or invitation to invest in any financial product but confirmation of your request for more information to be provided to you when it becomes available. A Product Disclosure Statement will be issued for the financial product when it becomes available for investment. Any information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.