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Important Note: This is not investing advice nor an offer to invest. It is simply a registration of interest to receive the PDS when it is available.

How To Invest
With Steve McKnight


Would you be interested in investing alongside Steve McKnight, while also having Steve and his team manage a new retail managed fund opportunity?

Steve last did something similar in 2012 which give rise to the Passive Income (USA Commercial Property) Fund – a venture that has provided handsome returns, particularly for those who got in at the start.

The next fund, assuming it does go ahead, will be a little different. Called the ‘Strategic Opportunities (Growth & Income) Fund’, the goal will be to generate income and growth returns by investing in diversified strategic equities and entrepreneurial value-add opportunities.

What exactly does that mean? Good question! All will be revealed once the new Product Disclosure Statement is ready for release, at which time an initial limited offering will be available.

If you’d like to be on the hotlist to find out more when there’s more information to share then please register your interest by completing the fields in the provided form.